MM Corresponder Magazine

The official magazine of the MM Collectors Club is the MM Corresponder. The Corresponder is published quarterly by the Mohr Family of Vail, Iowa. Gaylen Mohr is Editor, Marie Mohr is Assistant Editor.

The Corresponder publishes the Clubs news and information and is a vital part of the MMCIs mission to keep the public informed by communicating with our members and other Minneapolis-Moline enthusiasts from around the world.

For subscription questions call 712-677-2491 between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST. or email MM Corresponder.

New MM Corresponder and MMCI Membership Flyer

Membership Flyer

Subscription to the Corresponder is now combined with membership to Minneapolis-Moline Collectors, Inc. To subscribe to the Corresponder and become a member of the MMCI print and complete this form.