Update on the Minneapolis-Museum Project

October 15, 2016 - 12:42 PM

Recently a letter went out to those in our MM Community who expressed an interest in pledging towards the MM wing addition at the Floyd County Historical Society in Charles City, IA. The current amount pledged is only 21 percent of the amount needed to ensure the project can move forward, so donations will not be accepted for 2016 as planned. 

However, the revised plan is to extend the fundraising efforts for one year to see if enough additional financial pledges will come in to move the project forward. The committee would appreciate your spreading the word about what we are trying to accomplish.

With a large number of our population of MM collectors, former employees, and enthusiasts aging, it is imporotant now, more than ever, to presere the history and legacy of Minneapolis-Moline. The expansion of the museum in Charles City would make that possible. You are encouraged to contact any committee member with your questions or ideas for fundraising. David Rittenbaugh is the committee chair and can be reached at 248-770-0871 or david.ritenburgh@gm.com

If you did not receive specific information about the project and are interested, please contact David or Loren Book, lgbook46@gmail.com, and a packet will be sent to you.

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