Membership Information

You may print the Membership Form (html version) (PDF) from this Web site, or send for a form.

The MMCI and M-M Corresponder are two separate entities working together to preserve and publish the Minneapolis Moline & Twin City histories. We have combined our order forms to make joining easier and more convenient.

If you are not a member of the MMCI or if you do not get The Corresponder, we invite you to join us. Here are the top ten benefits of belonging to the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors.

The Club:

  1. Provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills with other folks who have the same interests, both in person and through the World Wide Web.
  2. Pays for membership buttons, flyers, brochures, mailings, and maintains a membership database.
  3. Membership gives you one vote in the election of Board of Directors.
  4. Provides a $750 Scholarship eligible to any members children or grandchildren (A great public relations benefit).
  5. Offers funds in the form of a matching Preservation Grant for projects that help preserve and promote the Minneapolis-Moline Heritage.
  6. Promotes the value of your investments in MM products.
  7. Provides a place to introduce the younger generation to Minneapolis-Moline products and encourages potential young members.
  8. Cooperates financially with a locally established group hosting a Summer Show.
  9. Underwrites a member-hosted annual Winter Convention.
  10. Provides a no-fee admission for the Winter Convention.
  11. Allows you to sell at the Winter Convention Auction to a large number of motivated buyers.

Most active MM collectors in the club rate the Number One Benefit as the comrade of getting together with other enthusiastic collectors several times a year.