Coloring Contest

Here is a report of all the 2018 winners.  The Photos will be in the MM Corresponder magazine. Thank you for participating!

Downloadable Items

  • Print and choose one of 4 coloring book pages in PDF


The Minneapolis-Moline Collectors Cub invites and encourages its members to sponsor entrants for the coloring contest. This is a contest for boys and girls and adults.

The purpose is to bring generations together -- and educate our youth about the Minneapolis-Moline company, to encourage the next generation, and to have an interest in the collectors club and M-M heritage.

You may choose to color one of the pictures located here on the MMCI website or choose any of the pages from the 1930s era M-M coloring books if you have access to photocopies of those books. Coloring pages are also in the MM Corresponder magazine.


Because this is an educational project, the coloring pages are judged on the accuracy of the colors of the tractors and implements, and the appropriateness of the colors chosen for the entire scene. Sponsors should help the participants learn the Moline Company colors, the tradition of why certain colors are chosen for the implements and wheels, and tractors and wheels

The contest is not about just coloring neatly or in the lines; it's about what makes Minneapolis Moline different -- why it is known as Prairie Gold, etc. Judges do NOT see any of the participant names until after judging is completed.

Rules and Directions:
  1. Any boy or girl under 16 years of age may enter this contest as a youth (see categories below). Ages 16 and over may enter as adults.
  2. A current MMCI member--parent, guardian, other relative, or friend--must sponsor you.
  3. Only one entry from each boy, girl, or adult; however, an MMCI member may sponsor more than one entrant.
  4. Crayons, markers, or colored pencils may be used to color the entry page.
  5. Do NOT write entrant's name on the front of coloring pages. Names may be printed on the back side, particularly to help entry coordinator keep multiple entries from one household correctly identified. Entries will be tagged with an ID number for judging. Names of winners will be revealed once judges select the winning numbers.
  6. Prizes will be awarded for each category on the basis of neatness and artistic coloring; that is, the neatest and most artistic in the opinion of the judges. (Judges to be randomly chosen from adult volunteers in attendance at the Winter Convention.)
  7. Complete the Contest Entry Certificate: Print the PDF linked above. You may separate the entry form from the rules and directions. You must fill out a Contest Entry Certificate for EACH PICTURE that is sent in.
  8. Your colored page and entry must be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the winter convention start date. No entries postmarked after this date will be eligible for prizes.
  9. Contestants agree that the decision of the judges will be final. All entries become the property of MMCI.
  10. Prizes will be announced at the MMCI Winter Convention banquet.
Prizes: 1st place in each of these categories
  • Ages 6 and under = 1st Place $25; 2nd Place $15, 3rd Place $10
  • Ages   7- 9 = 1st Place $25; 2nd Place $15, 3rd Place $10
  • Ages 10-12 = 1st Place $25; 2nd Place $15, 3rd Place $10
  • Ages 13-15 = 1st Place $25; 2nd Place $15, 3rd Place $10
  • Adults 16 and over = 1st Place $25; 2nd Place $15, 3rd Place $10
  • Grand Prize = $50