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It's time get out your colors!

The Winter Convention will be in March and with it comes the opportunity to educate some future MM enthusiasts. The coloring contest is a fun activity Read More...

President's Report

All current club members should have received your club packets with the new calendar. I hope you all enjoy the changes that we made, a big thank you Read More...

Hopkins Historical Society Photos

We hope you enjoy the Slide Show photos which are from the Hopkins Historical Society. These photos are from the archives, so you probably haven't Read More...

Preservation Grants Encourage MM Restorations

Your club membership helps encourage interest in preserving and restoring Minneapolis Moline history, tractors, and implements. Two young people Read More...

Where's Buddy Lee Now?

Remember Buddy Lee? Buddy was a promotional piece used by the Minneapolis-Moline Company around 1949. He was a popular "salesman" for the company and Read More...

Welcome To Minneapolis Moline Collectors

We're a growing, enthusiastic collectors organization and we'd love to have you join us and help us tell the great Minneapolis-Moline story.

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